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April 13, 2016 

Edvent 2016 Back To Basics – All I Needed To Know I Learned in Kindergarten    –  a reflection on the poem by Robert Fulghum

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Format of the evening:



Roy Chen-Campbell @roymds06
Roy is a Youth Worker in the Delta School District. When he was 20  years old he began a playing professional rugby league in both England and roy kNew Zealand. At the age 23 and with a promising career ahead of him Roy was tackled by three players, lifted into the air and driven head first into the ground trapping his head between his body and the ground as all three 3 players collapsed upon me. His neck was broken in 3 places. After spending nearly 2 years in either traction, wearing a halo attached to his skull or a neck brace. Doctors said that he would NEVER be able to run again, and at best walk  with a limp for the rest of his life. Due to his determination and a refusal to give up, Roy now participated in some of the royworld’s toughest endurance races including the Hawaii Ironman World Championship Triathlon, 7 day self-safition runs in the Moroccan Sahara Desert and Amazon Jungle and many other races and adventures. Through photography and stories, Roy will share with you what it took to overcome those tough times and start dreaming again and how he proved the doctors wrong.
Alana Tesan & Kelli Lundie @AlanaTean  & @KelliB12  classroom handle @anniekinders
Alana Tesan - KinderAlana Tesan has been a teacher in the Delta school district for 18
years, and Kelli Lundie has been a teacher in the Delta school district Kelli Lundie - Kinderfor 14 years.
They have both taught everything from Kindergarten through grade 7, Alana Tesanand are currently teaching Kindergarten together at Annieville Elementary in their joined classroom. Kelli Lundie They are inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach and Inquiry Based Learning, and encourage their students to explore their wonders and question the world around them.
Adnan Iftekhar @adnanedtech
Adnan teaches Computer Science, Design and Innovation at a adnanK-adnan 28 progressive/constructivist school, Synapse. Currently one of his passions is the intersection of health,  education and technology.
Jann Kwasnicki @JKwasnicki
Jann KJann is presently teaching grade one, seven fine arts, physical education and is Acting VP at an elementary school in Delta.  She graduated from UBC with a B.Ed, majoring in Special Education.  Jann has been teaching for 16 yearsJann and has recently completed her Masters of Education, researching ways to develop collaborative models, creating communities of support, and using a co-teaching model within elementary school settings.  She considers herself a Big Teacher-Nerd, loves everything to do with learning, and is an active blogger.
Karen Lirenman @KLirenman
Karen LittleMsLKaren is award winning K-3 STEAM teacher at SAIL Academy, a distributed learningKLirenman program with the Surrey School District. Karen
is transforming education by connecting her students with the world using Twitter, blogs, and video conferencing. She has a hands on approach to teaching which includes inquiry, project based, and maker mindset. Her students have choice in how to learn, show, and share their knowledge. Karen is in her 23rd year of teaching
Craig Mah  @CraigMah
Craig Mah is principal of Walton Elementary in Coquitlam, BC.  He has worked inMah-Kindergarten School District #43(Coquitlam) since 1992 as an elementary teacher for twelve years before moving into school administration.   He completed his Bachelor of Education from Simon Fraser University andCraig his Masters of Science in Educational Leadership through the University of Oregon.  Craig has been fortunate to contribute to five school communities as a principal. As an educator, he is passionate about attaining high student engagement and learning through multiple intelligences and critical thinking.  Craig is a believer of the benefits that a professional learning community offers to student learning.  He is also a co-moderator for #BCEdChat
Lisa Taylor @LisaMoe23
Currently I teach atlisa K Archbishop Carney High School in Port Coquitlam. I teach grade 8 English, Socials Studies, Phys. Ed. and Foods &Nutrition.
I have been teaching since 1994 and yet still feel like lisaI’m on practicum!
Felisha Martin @FelishaEverFi
My love for teaching started when I was very young, I asked my “nunna” to read me a story and she couldn’t, so I read it to her and felisha Kattempted to teach her to sound out the words. She immigrated to Canada late in life and was my first student; I taught her to read and write in English as I learned. I’ll never forget the way she signed documents, printing “Nancy” to my exact specifications- I was four years old, so you can imagine how that looked. I knew I could have done a better job teaching my nunna, and so the focus of my M.Ed was teaching English to felishaspeakers of other languages. In the past nine years I have worked in a pre-school, a university, and almost everything in between. I have taught in private and public schools and covered some ground geographically too- working in Ontario, British Columbia, England, the USA, and Taiwan. Teaching was my first love but I’ve also worked in guidance, as an academic director, and an ESL summer school director. Currently, I work in education technology for EverFi, supporting teachers in BC with the implementation of no-cost resources that help teach students critical life skills
Brad Baker @bradleyrbaker
Brad is a member of the Squamish Nation and carries the ancestral name Tsnomotbrad k, that he shares with his late grandfather and father.  He has been an educator for 21 years in the North Vancouver School District.  His recent position is District Principal with the portfolios that include Aboriginal Education and Safe and Caring Schools. Brad was the recipient of the Indspire Guiding the Journey National Award for Leadership in Indigenous Education in 2014.  He is also the Chair of the BCPVPA Aboriginal bradEducation Leadership Committee.  He has had the opportunity to present at the National Gathering of Indigenous Education in Toronto (2014) and in Calgary (2015).   His ongoing passion for bringing understanding of Aboriginal Ways of Knowing into all
classrooms has created an environment that Aboriginal Education is for everyone – students, staff and the community. His most recent work includes writing educator guides for the National Film Board.
Joe Tong @teachertong
Joe kJoe Tong (M.Ed., B.Ed.) is a Helping Teacher with the Surrey School District. As a recent addition to the Curriculum and Innovation team focusing on Communicating Student Learning, he finds comfort in challenging the habitus, disrupting organizations, andjoe breaking the cycle of “busy work” that prevents us from moving forward with curriculum transformation.  Joe thrives on the excitement and passion for learning from both students and his colleagues. He believes that in order to create the conditions for professional learning, we must look within, focus on strengthening relationships, and embrace failing forward – we’re in this together.
Dante Luciano @DLearn12
Fitness/PE and Psychology Teacher at Vancouver College. I dante K (2)have dantebeen teaching for 4 years and worked another two years as an Educational Assistant.
Rosa Perez-Isaiah @RosaIsiah
Rosa Isiah: Educational Leader for Equity and Social Justice- Rosa Isiah currently rosa Kserves students as principal of Smith Elementary School in California. Her experiences include 22 years in education as teacher, bilingual resource specialist, Language Arts Specialist, Teacher on Special Assignment, Assistant Principal, Coordinator of Federal and State Programs, and Principal. 
Rosa holds a BA in Sociology, an MA in Educational Leadership, and recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University with an Ed.D degree in Educational Leadership for Social Justice. Rosa is passionate about equity, closing therosa achievement- opportunity gap, and learning with her school community. She believes in the power of relationships and leading with purpose, passion,
and gratitude.



Hosted by SMC BA Students and Gabriel Pillay
Exec. Director of Strategy/Planning & Dean of Student
Corpus Christi College/ St. Mark’s College
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