Save the Date! April 5, 2017


Bring your appetite for an evening of fun and food with friends and generous portions of food-for-thought!


Speaker get 5 minutes (with or without props, slides etc)

As a potluck of practice, guest presenters will share five minute servings of; for example,

  1. Recipe for Inspired Teaching or Menu for Meaningful Learning
  2. With respect to Professional Learning, who would they invite to dinner?
  3. Where do they go to “feed” their professional growth?
  4. How do they make learning appetizing?
  5. How do they “set the table” for learning?
  6. What’s on the student-centered classroom “smorgasboard”?
  7. Where do they “grocery shop” for innovative practices?
  8. What do you no longer “serve” to your students?


All guests are invited to sign up for our SPECIAL EDvent 2017 – IGNITE IRON CHEF Competition  (sign up when ordering your ticket) (Prizes awarded)